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Education & Training

Clinical training
These sessions are aimed at allied Health professionals. Content is clinical and looks more at assessment and function. Rather than specific products, product features are used to guide equipment prescription. Astris Lifecare provide a variety of educational and training opportunities. Training varies from 2 hour workshops to full day sessions. We can also tailor training to meet your needs so feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or check out our training calendar for upcoming events. These training sessions are free for therapists to attend.

Product In-services
These sessions are product focused with the aim to upskill health professionals on specific products or product lines. They may be run in conjunction with clinical training or independently. Astris educator and or product specialists can come to your service and meet with your team.

Expos, exhibitions and conferences
As well as having booths at all the major expos and conferences, we are often part of the educational components.

International Guest speakers
Astris Lifecare work closely with industry leading manufacturers both nationally and internationally. As well as having opportunities to keep our own staff up to date on latest innovations and developments of products, we have access to internationally renowned leaders whom we often invite to NSW as part of our education program.

New grad group
This is a group where therapists new to equipment prescription can have access to mentoring, peer support and educational training to support their ongoing development.


“24 Hour Postural Management ….”
Current Jargon or Meaningful Postural Outcomes?

Clinical and Positioning Workshop facilitated by 3 of NSW’s leading educators. An introduction to the concepts of 24 hour Postural Management, risk identification, evidence and knowledge to guide current practice, and hands on practical resources to support realistic goal setting.

Are you supporting the assessment and trial of equipment for individuals with complex postural and mobility needs? How would a 24 hour postural approach benefit your clients? How do we assess for 24 hour management, and what equipment solutions are available?

This workshop is an introduction into the concepts, assessment and equipment. Interactive sessions with opportunities for discussion and hands experiences have been integrated into the day.

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Date: Thursday 1st March 2018
Time: 9am – 3pm
Venue: The Mawson Club, 10 Heard St, Mawson ACT 2607
RSVP: tracee.lee@astrislifecare.com.au
* Light lunch will be provided



Have you recently had an AHPRA (Allied Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) Audit?

Make sure your CPD hours are covered and you have upskilled or maintained skills relevant to your practice.

Registrations are now open for the following training sessions with Tracee-lee Maginnity, Clinical Educator at Astris Lifecare. Please email Tracee.lee@astrislifecare.com.au to book your place.

Some workshops have limited numbers so don’t delay in booking your seat. Once each workshop has been filled, your name will be added to a waitlist. The workshops can also be adapted as an in-service, so if your service has a group interested please talk to your Product Specialist who can arrange this.

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Introduction to MAT Evaluation – FINISHED

Date: 29th August  & 31st October 2017
Venue: Astris Lifecare Minto Campus, 8 Montore Rd, Minto
Morning Session: 9am – 12pm
Afternoon Session: 1pm – 4pm

This is a practical workshop which is aimed at those new to wheelchair prescription but have a basic understanding of seating principles. These workshops will focus on the supine MAT evaluation of clients and determine the individual needs that can be met by correct scripting.

Due to the practical nature of this workshop there are a limited number of seats available. Please bring along any seating assessments you are currently working with and wear comfortable clothing.

Make my Home Accessible – FINISHED

Date: 22nd August & 9th October 2017
Venue: Astris Lifecare Silverwater Campus, 5 Millennium Court Silverwater
Morning Session: 9am – 12pm

This is an extension of the workshop run at ATSA Sydney and Brisbane. Due to the popular feedback from ATSA, we have decided to run this in conjunction with product overviews of some of the options discussed. Independent access in the home often requires permanent and costly structural changes. Are there alternatives? Not everyone wants to change their home, and there are a number of instances where costly home modifications are not an option:

  • You may be renting and need to change residence in the near future
  • You could be waiting for funding or construction to commence
  • There are instances where you may share your time between multiple residences

This workshop looks at some interim and alternative solutions to make your current bathroom accessible and to maximize independence in a non-modified bathroom. We will focus on a variety of assistive technology solutions and considerations for their use, from basic bathboards to advanced slider system commodes.

Equipment for Pressure Management – FINISHED

Date: 4th October & 17th October 2017
Venue: Astris Lifecare Silverwater Campus, 5 Millennium Court Silverwater
Morning Session: 9am – 12:30pmpressurecare management

This workshop will take you through some of the most commonly prescribed mattresses and cushions currently on the market that are prescribed to meet pressure care needs, and also introduce you to some of the less common emerging technologies now available.

As a group we will explore some of the advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered as part of the clinical reasoning process when identifying potential solutions. The workshop will also include a practical session on setting up Roho cushions where you can learn and practise in a safe environment.

International Guest Speaker – Tina Roesler – FINISHED
Date:15th November 2017
Royal Rehab – Clive Austin Conference Centre

Tina Roesler

We are very excited to announce Tina Roesler will be stopping by in Sydney on her way to present at the Oceania Seating Symposium. Tina has worked with some of the top mobility brands in the world including Tilite, Roho and Motion Composites. We are delighted to be hosting a training session on Ultralightweight wheelchairs and configuration to be facilitated by Tina on November 15th. Places will fill fast as Tina is a well-known and highly respected educator in the industry. This workshop will be aimed at therapists familiar with scripting wheelchairs for active users who are looking at extending their current knowledge base.

Book your spot with tracee.lee@astrislifecare.com.au

You Picked the Right Manual Wheelchair Frame…Don’t Stop There  – FINISHED

Date: 12th September 2017
Venue: Carnarvon Golf Course Conference Centre, 65-95 Nottinghill Rd, Lidcombe NSW
Time: 9am – 4pm
Guest Co-Presenter: Amy Bjornson

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This workshop will focus on wheelchair configuration and teaching wheelchair skills. Learn how to prescribe and configure manual wheelchairs to maximize independence, function and long term health.

Topics will include:

  • Assessment strategies
  • Frame selection
  • Wheelchair configuration
  • Options to promote safety, functionality and independence in a manual wheelchair

We will experience, through trial and interaction, how different frame styles and set ups affect propulsion, comfort and ultimately, client function.

We will also address options available for clients when pushing independently becomes too difficult or inefficient, namely in relation to “ageing with a disability” or “disease progression”.

We will also be covering strategies for efficient strategies, wheelies, curb management, stairs and transfers. Come ready for action – this course is jam-packed with hands-on learning opportunities!

New Grad Group  – FINISHED
Date: 23rd October 2017
Venue: TBC
Time: TBC
If you have a new graduate at your service or are new to equipment prescription, we will be resuming the new grad group. This will run bi-monthly starting…. It’s a great opportunity to attend in-house workshops, play with equipment and develop clinical reasoning skills.

Please contact Tracee-lee for more information or to sign up on tracee.lee@astrislifecare.com.au

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Conferences and Seminars of Interest

Attending conferences and expos is a great opportunity for ongoing education.
Check out these great opportunities for upcoming events:

OT Australia Conference  – FINISHED
Date: 19-21 July, Venue: Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

ANZSCOS ANZ Spinal Cord Society Annual Meeting  – FINISHED
Date: 15-17 November, Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Oceania Seating Symposium  – FINISHED
Date: 20-22 November, Venue: Energy Event Centre, Rotorua, New Zealand