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Configured Care

Astris Lifecare offers configured and customised equipment to suit you or your client’s individual and unique needs. We believe that every client’s special needs are different, and our Configured Care team offer a solution that addresses all needs to ensure they are given the dignity, respect and care they deserve. Each solution is highly individualised and truly unique.

Our Professional Team
Our dedicated and trusted product specialists have on average at least 15 years of healthcare industry experience and work closely with healthcare professionals, carers, friends and family to ensure your special needs are assessed and discussed, and a solution is provided. Astris Lifecare also is proud to offer the services of a qualified Seating Consultant and Occupational Therapist in our team. Other team members include a Rehab Engineer, electricians, professional equipment advisors and upholsterers. Together we solve problems, together we provide solutions and together we strive to improve and benefit the lives of our clients.

Our Products
At Configure Care we use configured seating and positioning products that perfectly combine stability, postural support and pressure management. While meeting complex needs and challenges of our clients, our products always remain easy to use. Products that can be refined or customised (either by our dedicated technicians or by our global manufacturers) include manual wheelchairs and mobile shower commodes, seating and positional systems, pressure management products and any other equipment that needs to be specially selected, prescribed, sized and fitted.

Can I try the equipment?
It is essential in most situations that clients have the chance to discuss their own specialised needs with their Configure Care consultant, and trial the equipment before making a purchasing decision. Your Configure Care consultant will work with your own healthcare professionals to select the most appropriate options for trial. Many options are able to be trialled for up to one week.

How much will it cost?
After the product trial, your Configure Care consultant will provide a detailed quote and specifications for your consideration. Most specialised equipment can be funded with government and community assistance.

How do I know if the Configure Care solution is right for me?
The process of choosing Configure Care is simplified at Astris Lifecare, where our specialised team and professional equipment consultants partner with healthcare professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Engineers. We work together with your team, carers and family to explore options and choose individualised solutions.

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